Industry Specific Training - Cypress Private Security

Training Programs

CPS approach to training is different than other security companies. CPS has developed the Professional Security Officer training program (PSO). The PSO program has three different designations PSOI, II and III. The PSO program is the foundation to CPS ongoing training and career enhancement training. Through the PSO designation the client will have a highly-trained and motivated Security Officer working at their site. The well-trained and motivated Officer will become an integrated part of the client’s site.

In addition to the PSO program, CPS also offers a Quality Control Management and Management training program. Both programs are in place for the continued growth of the employees.

Industry Specific Training

To further enhance the training for each officer, CPS has developed industry specific training programs modules for different industries. Even though Security Officers fundamental duties are observe and report, CPS has developed specific training programs for each industry that the company provides security to better enhance the skills of the Security Officers.

The following programs are valuable to each Officer working in that particular field:

  • High Rise Security
  • Hospitality Security Program
  • Cultural Security Program
  • Residential Security Program
  • Campus Security Program
  • Government Security Program
  • Healthcare Security Program
  • Loss Prevention Program
  • Special Event Security
  • Construction Security Program