Training - Cypress Private Security

Cypress-Security is committed to the growth of each and every employee within the company in order to achieve the highest level of service quality. It is CPS’s philosophy to ensure that all employees are trained and provided with the right tools in order to grow to their fullest potential within the company. This commitment is of the highest importance to ensure all employees perform at peak level when delivering security services to our clients. To ensure this objective is met, CPS has incorporated the learning and growth objective into one of the company’s value statements.

“Training for Performance – Learning for Life”

The Master Training Plan at CPS consists of several different components: pre-assignment training, post-assignment training, refresher training, a Field Training Officer (FTO) program, and other training programs. The Master Training Plan is also delivered in a range of different ways, i.e. on-line training, video training, classroom training, field training, seminars, and scenarios.

The following section outlines CPS philosophies in regard to training and all components in the Master Training Plan.

CPS has developed a state-of-the-art on-line training system, CPS Training Academy (CTA). All CPS training modules are available online through CTA system. Through CTA, Cypress Private Security is able to train each Officer with the same consistency and quality control across the board. The company can quickly bring new training modules to different employees as training needs arise or changes. The training academy is one component of CPS many different training tools.

An employee’s ability to take and pass the test is taken into consideration when promoting within the company, which enables all Officers to enhance their skill sets in order to be promoted within the company.

Development Pyramid

CPS’s Development Pyramid is the foundation for each employee’s career enhancement plan. The Development Pyramid is divided into three career and training blocks; Professional Security Officer (PSO), Quality Control Manager (QCM) and Leadership Team Program (LTP). Each of these cornerstones consists of several different steps and training modules.

The Development Pyramid allows each employee within the company to truly seek a career path that will enhance their skill sets, ambitions, and performance in their different job functions.