Strategic Partnership Program - Cypress Private Security

Each Client has unique business needs. CPS works in partnership with the client to create and implement a unique Strategic Partnership Program (SPP). The philosophies behind the SPP are found in building the best security program for every client.

Through CPS monthly quality control meetings, the client and CPS will review relevant data in order to measure performance against the set goals in the SP Program. These meetings are the basis of the ongoing quality control process.

The SPP Program measures a range of different areas and functions performed by CPS in the line of delivering quality security services. The overall evaluation of the performance includes areas such as:

  • Policy and Procedures
  • Daily Inspections
  • Timekeeping and Hours Worked
  • Support, Management and Supervision
  • Security Operation
  • Customer Comments
  • Management Evaluations
  • Manager Evaluations and Visits
  • Operative Reports