Security Consulting/Assessment - Cypress Private Security

CPS can undertake a thorough survey of a client’s physical premises and security concerns and develop a comprehensive risk assessment, together with recommendations of alternative solutions to address the client’s needs. The collective security expertise within CPS is put to use for its clients when providing security consulting and risk assessment services. CPS security assessments will include the following elements:

Risk Assessment – An assessment of potential security breaches, including likelihood and location of potential intrusion, theft or safety considerations taking into consideration the location, design and nature of the facilities.

Crime Prevention Environmental Design – Criminals look for “easy” targets rather than an objective that is harder to attack and stays unidentified. We focus on identifying areas of environmental design vulnerabilities: reducing blind spots, physical separations, reinforcement of controls and building natural access control, and maintenance of existing building systems.

Recommended Solutions – We provide recommendations of staffing levels and/or technology and hardware solutions to efficiently and cost-effectively address the security needs of each client.
CPS consulting services helps the client build effective security solutions that are cost-efficient allowing the client to focus on their core business activities.