Modern society relies upon technology. If major telecommunications hubs and online networks were to go down for a significant amount of time, people would not only face inconvenience, but serious repercussions. Financial data, personal identification, sensitive emails, and other confidential information could be compromised. Continue reading

Today’s hospitals and clinics are under increasing pressure to cut costs, while maintaining vital services that are critical to patient care and staff safety. At the same time, these healthcare facilities are increasingly susceptible to personal and property security threats. Continue reading

The transportation industry plays an integral role in modern society. The activities of traveling and transporting goods are daily events that affect just about everyone. Daily commutes, the shipment of packages, and elaborate business or leisure trips are so commonplace that it’s easy to take transportation for granted. Continue reading

Over the last few decades one of the most popular strategic initiatives is to focus on your organization’s core competencies and outsource everything else. The validity and the effectiveness of the theory is now widely understood and accepted. Continue reading