Municipalities - Cypress Private Security

Municipalities provide vital public services. Specific functions vary, (e.g., water, transportation, human services, airport), but the main purpose is always to provide services to the public in a cost-efficient manner. CPS works closely with a range of municipal agencies to share vital information and provide industry standards. Over the years, the company has developed collective knowledge and experience that has lead to setting new industry benchmarks. For example, CPS critical infrastructure security services have become an industry leading service provided to a range of different organizations.

CPS works closely with city agencies to design and implement security solutions based on our threat-level assessments for each agency. In addition, CPS works with public works departments, police and fire, and other municipal departments to design effective security programs for both ongoing needs and one-time events, including:

  • Facility security
  • Personnel protection
  • Special event security
  • Infrastructure security
  • Emergency response
  • Loss prevention