Corporate Campuses - Cypress Private Security

Security programs for business campuses need to be tailored according to the specific architectural design of the campus. For example, urban campuses typically consist of adjacent buildings that are not necessarily connected. Ex-urban campuses are located near the urban core, where costs are high, so the buildings are proximate to each other, and parking is usually under the buildings or in adjacent garages. Suburban campuses have the advantage of lower real-estate costs, affording more opportunities for open space and parking options. They often have freestanding parking structures, surface parking, or a combination of both.

CPS campus security programs take into consideration the inherent challenges present at the campus, including openness, foot traffic, access control, and large areas to patrol. Our security officers are trained to meet the dynamic requirements that business campuses present, including environmental elements, public gatherings, media presence, and other unpredictable factors.